June 13-14 Reiki 1 Class

June 13, 7-9 p.m.; June 14  9:30-4:30 p.m.

Reiki (pronounced ray-ki) is an ancient form of healing that originated in Tibet then brought to Japan, where the form was further developed by Master Mikao Usui. Reiki is a universal Life Energy that connects all living beings., Reiki is passed down and taught as a gentle but powerful form of healing for the body, mind and soul.
Many people learn Reiki for self-healing. The desire to learn is often a deeply personal one. With a Reiki I certificate, a person can do Reiki for themselves, family, friends and pets. Reiki can also be used alone or in conjunction with other healing arts. Students will learn the history of Reiki, and develop their personal connection with Reiki. They will be given Reiki I attunements and taught how to do a healing, and hand positions and lots of time to practice the hand positions on each other.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Certificates will be presented upon completion of the training.

Fee: $125

Jen Kristel, M.A.CET, RMT Is a Master level Reiki Teacher in both the Usui and Karuna lineages. She has been studying and practicing Reiki since 1996.

March 9: Reach For the Light, Finding Balance with the Dark

Join Jennie Kristel of JourneyWorks, Topaz Weis of Expressive Arts Burlington and Martha Loving of  Light, Color and Darkness Painting Therapy in an exploration of finding Balance as we reach toward the Spring Equinox.  Using the Expressive arts, we will discover for ourselves ways in which we look for, need, and find Balance for ourselves.

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Free! All materials inclusive

Thursday, March 20 Spring Equinox Gathering and First Fruits Ceremony

Time: 6 p.m.; Place: Burlington.

The days are lengthening and warmth is making a slow return. In a few short weeks the maple trees will produce sap. Soon after that our gardens and the greater natural world will begin to awaken. At this time of year we are reminded of the promise of rebirth. Join us as we mark the turning year. Bring vegetarian food or drink to share, perhaps a story about the lengthening days of sunlight, and hopes for the season of warmth to come. If the maple sap is flowing we will honor the Maples and the first fruit of the harvest. Please contact us to let us know you will attend, and for directions.

Saturday, February 22nd: Playback Theater: Storytelling in Action

Sunday, February 23, 9:30-4:30, Fee $40

Led by Jennie Kristel

PlaybackPlayback Theater: Storytelling in Action

Stories are how we understand our world, who we are, where we have come from, and what we may have come through. These Moments of our lives can be touchstones, full of power and significance. They are the glue that holds families, communities and cultures together. Join us for a day devoted to enhancing our creativity and play as we form a community of storytellers in action. Using Playback Theatre as the core, participants will learn how to use Theatre to transform personal stories told by workshop participants into theatre pieces on the spot using movement, ritual, music and spoken improvisation. Participants will share their stories and learn to bring these stories to life through Playback and other creative theater techniques including, Psychodrama and theatre of the Oppressed. Using this form of theatre develops intuition, insight, creativity, empathy and effective communication skills.This workshop is recommended for performers, teachers, educators, activist’s social workers, policy makers and everyone else. Please wear loose clothing.

Pre-Registration Required.

1/25 and 2/1, 2014: Touch Drawing: A Window into Our True Selves

P1080447Saturdays, January, 25, and February 1 9:30 to12:30, Fee: $35


In this workshop, we will learn the art of touch drawing. Touch drawing was developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin. It is a form of printmaking that involves rolling ink on a plate, placing paper over on the ink, and using the hands to draw and paint. The deep connection of fingers to the paper offers us a unique and direct relationship to the soul.

This direct connection allows for there to be healing that can take place on multiple levels. Through a series of touch drawings, one can work deeper and deeper into the process, artistically unearthing messages that are created through the symbolic process. Touch drawings are powerful in their simplicity, and can also be worked on and added to through other art mediums such as collage or painting into a drawing to bring out an image. In this 2 day workshop, you will have the time and space to create, and work into a series of touch drawings.

Please wear comfortable clothing that might get artistically enhanced. No artistic experience is necessary. All materials included. Preregistration Required.

Fee: $35

Winter Solstice Gathering and Ceremony

Snowy NightOn Sunday, December 22nd, we gather around the hearth at our home to Celebrate the Winter Solstice, and acknowledge the turning year. Join us for stories, socializing, and a ceremony as we express our gratitude to Father Sun and Grandfather Fire. Bring vegetarian food or drink to share, and perhaps a small item you wish to give to the Fire or an Ancestor. 5-7 p.m.. RSVP greatly appreciated so we can plan. E-mail or phone for directions.